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everytime i try updating overwatch, it says their isnt enough room even though i have not used 20%of my storage space. why is this happening????

idont want to delete my other games. please help me. i want to play the new retrobution game mode but because it will not update i can not. i have been waiting for the uprising event for a long time.

the gamemode looks very fun but overwatch will not update. i know that the update doesn't need all of my storage, so why is it not updating. it keeps sying to uninstall some of my xbox games so i uninstalled.

two games that i have not played yet but that still did not work. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!!!!????!?!?

Product or Service Mentioned: Blizzard Overwatch Video Game.

Reason of review: overwatch wont update and i dont wanna uninstall. and lose my skins then reinstall..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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