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I had this account for a long time and I had put a aunthenticator code on it for the rewards I would get for putting one on, well I recently got a new phone and forgot to screenshot the code to get the app on my new phone, and I cant go to customer service because I used to put in famous peoples name instead of mine because I was scared to put mine in, my name is Seth as shown on the ID i showed, and my email does have the name seth in it, is there anyway i can still get the code removed? I had a lot of game time and stuff on this account, and would hate to have to restart because of a false name I put...

hopefully theres a solution, thank you. Ive tried contacting, but i cant log into blizzard because of the ID problem

Product or Service Mentioned: Blizzard Video Game.

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To remove an Authenticator you need to call them. They may require you to send in an ID or at minimum an ID#.


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